Caliburn nerf/short dart range profiling

This page summarizes and extensive project profiling short dart / half dart performance using a Caliburn as the test blaster. Keep in mind that dart performance will vary based on the combination of the dart and the blaster. Some darts work better with some blasters, but they will also show dramatically different characteristics on another platform with different barrels / breeches.

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Short dart comparison summary

First up is a summary of accuracy (top) and velocity (bottom) as a function of distance from the chronograph. The methodology in use  involved firing 100 shots from a Caliburn using a specific dart type while aiming at a chronograph. The distance from the chronograph was varied in 6 foot increments up to a distance of 36 feet. “Accuracy” was defined in this case as the ability for a shot through the chronograph to register a reading. It should be noted that some darts did pass near the sensor but didn’t register a reading, as the dart must follow a precise path and following that path at a distance becomes quite difficult.


What you will notice is the VTN / ACC-like cut down darts drop off in accuracy very quickly. The accuracy was so bad that I terminated testing at 18 feet as dart were missing my catch bin behind the chronograph and I was afraid errant shots would start damaging the house.

Though the Worker darts showed an eventual decline in chronograph readings, I should note that I was still able to hit the catch bin with most (if not all) shots fired at distance. The reproducibility of the shot patterns were quite remarkable with this short dart.

Next up:

  • ACC cut downs
  • ACC gen 2 hard tips
  • ACC gen 2 soft tips
  • Artifact / cut down FVJs
  • Accustrike clones: not compatible with Caliburn barrel
  • Waffle darts: not compatible with Caliburn barrel
  • Koosh: not compatible with Caliburn barrel


Detailed results

Worker profiling data set

The following table contains a detailed summary of the


VTN profiling data set