Unbridled Corruption – 7/7

Often, our nation is mistaken as a paradise, as a home to all; as a shared master of equality, but that is fraudulent. We are not perfection; our nation is flawed like our words, like the disease they expel when spoken, a plague of lies spread through our universe of corruption. Stemming from a web of inconsistency they feed us lies; our trusted ones are only within our nation; consoling the fears arisen by the people of which they have no answer so they bend the truth to their will, making us obey for fear of treason. Claiming we have come so far as the dark ages when recessions and economies were worrisome; when rights were scrambled by those in power and taken away on whims of bias and fear. We are no better than our ancestors, our rights are still being taken away on the whims of men who have no say, of those in power when we are quiet leaders waiting for our time to dethrone the tyrants. Those we appointed as means of protection are becoming the reason we fear our nation, the reason why so many of us dream to leave for a place we believe is paradise, despite being fed the lies of our rulers we throned, drinking them in, sucking them down to displace our fear with false peace. We are not safe when these rulers do as they please, unchecked, unbalanced, their corrupted power, as lies swim in our minds, worming their way into our skulls, forcing us to believe their poisonous expressions. We are not safe as these tyrants battle amongst themselves, scrapping tooth and claw over funds; confidential lies find themselves influencing our everyday lives while our rulers only seem to influence the courts. We are not safe as our rulers break the peace with the other nations over their own pride, as our nation cannot admit defeat. We are no better than our ancestors, enslaving people has turned to enslaving minds, capturing our thoughts and infecting them with their poisonous lies; we are not safe.