Ebenavia inunguis

I was given a specimen of Ebenavia inunguis by a fellow hobbyist. This interesting little nocturnal micro gecko is shy – so shy, I have only seen in once in over 6 months since I released it into a large vivarium. I have a 36″x18″x36″ dart frog vivarium housing about a dozen Ranitomeya summersi – this was a nice enclosure to add a gecko to, so in the Ebenavia inunguis went. I caught a glimpse of it during a heavy pruning of the viv, and snapped a series of photos that are captured on this page.

I’ll add to this page over time as I hopefully capture more photos. I won’t replicate detailed data on this species – care sheets have been created for them already, so follow the interesting links below for more details.

Interesting links

Ebenavia inunguis information

IUCN current lists Ebenavia inunguis as “least concern”.

Ebenavia inunguis photos