Sphaerodactylus argus


A friend in the herp hobby gave me a 0.0.1 Sphaerodactylus argus in the fall of 2022. I don’t have much use for common names, but these apparently also go by “Ocellated Sphaero”. My specimen is a reclusive animal that I rarely see; it is housed in a small grow out vivarium with a layer of leaf litter that it uses for cover. The featured image on this post is a good illustration of what you will typically see – an argus darting from leaf to leaf, hide to hide.

I’ll update this post as I gain more experience with this species.

Interesting links

Sphaerodactylus argus information

IUCN current lists Sphaerodactylus argus as “least concern”.

Sphaerodactylus argus photos

I still have a fairly limited library of images of S. argus. I’ll continue to add to the photo gallery as I gain more experience with this species.