In 2020 we added ball pythons to our animal collection. We feed exclusively frozen / thawed rats. Here are some of our posts related to our snakes:

Meet our snakes!

banana piebald project

banana | leopard | het piebald
male 2021

Our male banana ball python proved to be quite the escape artist in his quarantine enclosure, so we named him accordingly.

banana [cream pie]
banana | piebald
female 2020

“Banana” was our second ball python and was named after banana cream pie, but she goes by banana for short. She’s one of our sweetest snakes.

banana | het piebald
female 2021

banana | het piebald
female 2021

black pastel piebald project

banana | black pastel | piebald
male 2020

black pastel | piebald
female 2021

black pastel | piebald
female 2021

axanthic piebald project

fire | piebald | het axanthic VPI
male 2019

Chili is a cool dude who is hyper-aware of everything going on around him. He’s always hungry and exploring.

het piebald | het axanthic VPI
female 2019

Eep’s been our biggest snake – shy but inquisitive, she’s an impressive girl! She also makes the stinkiest poops of the lot.

piebald | het axanthic VPI
female 2020

Our little pecan is a beautiful girl and she knows it! She’s always been a confident and stunning snake who’s very active at night.

candino project

het albino | het candy | het piebald
male 2019

albino | piebald
female 2020

Lemon was our first albino, and our strangest little girl. She won’t use her hide doors, instead she tunnels under the walls of her hides to move in and out.