jim o’neill :: resume

Seasoned startup professional; experienced driving strategy, positioning and messaging development.

Repositioned product concept, shifting from a failing OEM model to direct product sales and services model. Diverse responsibilities spanned sales, marketing, quality assurance, and program management. Developed marketing messaging and technical sales collateral key to successful product evaluations.

“Cradle to grave” program management skills, from requirements definition through maintenance.

Boosted on-time delivery rate by >90% extending schedule visibility 6-fold through custom scheduling system. Drove cross-functional project teams (engineering, QA, manufacturing, marketing) integrating product development processes. Managed end to end development of first feature-rich Linux IA supporting RealPlayer 8, Flash 4 and W3C standards.

Talented communicator adept at driving key internal projects and external Fortune 500 relationships.

Drove revenues from $3M (1997) to $8M (1998) & $13M (1999) leading technical sales effort for WBT product line. Directed project teams ranging from 5 to 30 engineers, generating revenue from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Managed technical relationships with key Fortune 500 clients including Sears, IBM, Microsoft, Citrix and HP.

Extensive network consulting and infrastructure design expertise.

Key in design / development of scalable enterprise management system capable of supporting thousands of fielded units. Early adopter of 802.11 technologies applied in wireless ISP venture; achieved profitability within 3 months. Designed and deployed enterprise modeling tools capable of simulating over 13,000 users.

Education and Training

Master of Science in Engineering, Engineering Management, University of Texas, Austin (2003)
Master of Science, Geological Sciences, Specialization in Inorganic Geochemistry, University of Notre Dame (1996)
Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (1994)

Presenting Data and Information, Seminar by Edward R. Tufte (2000 & 2009)
Internetworking with TCP/IP; Concepts and Practices (1999)

Professional Background

Performance Architect, Product Performance
IBM,    Austin, TX    400,000 employees, $100B, $250M group, 2010 – present

Guided MDM portfolio performance strategy. Conducted large scale system simulations with realistic workloads on DB2 clustered environments. Developed new data visualization techniques for large scale systems, plotting millions of transactions per page for a complete view of cross-stack performance data. Conducted deep performance analytics for a variety of large scale customer installs including Adobe, Allstate, BNC, CVS, Emdeon, Quest, Walgreens, Walmart, WellPoint and other large scale public sector accounts.

Senior Program Manager, Product Performance
Initiate Systems,    Austin, TX    340 employees, $90M    2007 – 2010

Implemented product performance program focusing on R&D release-to-release performance metrics based on internally developed testing harness and automated data collection.  Developed key analytical tooling for field diagnostics including Excel-based macro driven workbooks that simplified field engagements.  Drove detailed technical root cause analysis for “performance code red” client engagements including multiple Fortune 100 accounts (Allstate, Barnes & Noble, BNC, CapitalONE, Countrywide, CVS, DELL, FedEx, IHG, Microsoft, Quest, UHC/UHG, and Walgreens).  Extensive experience tuning application stack from custom application through Oracle, Oracle RAC, down to EMC Symmetrix, FC, EFD.  Skilled in time series analysis spanning mulitple data sources including custom logs, Oracle AWR, iostat, sar, nmon, perfmon and other data sources.  Specialization in data aggregation and visualization.  Developed 2D frequency analysis technique providing a portable metric for cross-site performance characterization and comparison.

Program Manager, Strategic Technical Partnerships
Initiate Systems,    Austin, TX    150 employees, $50M    2006 – 2007

Responsible for inbound technology partnerships into the R&D group.  Established partner evaluation process used for 4+ years to evaluate embedded technologies.  Negotiated multi-year OEM agreement for embedded ETL tool and key outsourcing partnership with Czech based development firm.  Technical management of key partnerships including IBM, Oracle and multiple best of  breed vendors.

Co-Founder, Director of Operations
Quickshift, Inc.    Austin, TX    startup    2003 – 2006

One of three co-founders that acquired ISI technology to bring to market as a software-based performance solution for Windows servers. Primarily responsible for business and technical operations including product strategy, relationship management, customer and sales support, QA and infrastructure. All activities were coordinated through streamlined project management and deft communication. Key additional experience included the design of a state of the art server performance testing facility capable of driving TPC-B and TPC-C using OLTP, Recovery, DSS workloads.

Director of Programs and Infrastructure
Interactive Silicon, Inc.    Austin, TX    startup    2001 – 2003

Key member of senior management team that drove development of sophisticated server accelerator product; led cross-functional integration of sales, marketing and development efforts to realign a hardware project that strayed far off schedule. Leveraged consulting and networking expertise to deploy MMB2, MMB3, TSCPT, CSTK, NetBench and WebBench tools.

Project Manager, Product Engineering Group
Merinta, Inc.    Austin, TX    startup    2000 – 2001

Drove product definition, planning, scheduling and monitoring for sophisticated Internet Appliance embedded operating system and management software. Responsible for the integration of marketing, sales, development and quality assurance efforts.

Sales Engineer, Professional Services
Boundless Technologies, Inc.    Hauppauge, NY & Seattle, WA    $85M public co.    1998 – 2000

Owned technical sales and emergency response support for signature accounts. Key in the development and selling of product positioning with clients. Specialized in server based computing products (MetaFrame and Terminal Services).

Network Consultant
NSI Media, Inc.    Farmingdale, NY    private co.    1996 – 1998

Built an extensive client base in the network consulting arena. Developed expertise with a variety of technologies including wireless ISP services, file, print, messaging, and database infrastructure design.