jim o’neill :: experience & training

Practical Experience

Corporate and Product Strategy

Key contributor to the development of product strategy including market segmentation and targeting, product positioning and pricing, and distribution and support strategies.

Business and Technical Operations

Over 5 years experience managing business and technical operations for technology startups. Responsibilities spanning program and project management, technical sales and product marketing, and infrastructure and QA support.

Program, Project, & Product Management

Successfully drove multiple whole-product initiatives; Internet appliances, thin clients, enterprise management solutions, ASIC development and server acceleration software. 10+ years of project management from high technology to cutting edge analytical chemistry process development.

Relationship Management

Extensive experience managing key relationships including OEM customers, flagship corporate clients, strategic product development partners and critical product alliance partners.

Sales Engineering

Worked extensively with sales staff effectively driving revenue through pre-sales customer training, the development of technical sales tools, and detailed, personalized support during the post-sales period.    Saved multiple accounts through proactive relationship management.

Network Consulting, Performance Analysis

Designed, sourced and assembled a state of the art enterprise performance lab capable of simulating large-scale database, messaging, file and web server simulations. Extensive background in diagnosing server performance issues.

Marketing Collateral & Technical Writing

Developed a wide variety of marketing collateral including the design, layout and writing of brochures, datasheets, websites, and presentations. Authored a wide variety of user guides and product white papers.

Formal Training

MSE Curriculum (2002 – 2003)

A master in Engineering Management complements practical experience with formal training in a variety of key management areas. Co-sponsored by UT’s College of Engineering and McCombs School of Business, the program provides a unique combination of technical and business course work. Thesis focused on improving business and development process integration.

  • Management of Projects and Processes
  • The Art and Science of Negotiations
  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Strategic Decision and Risk Analysis
  • Managing Engineering Economics
  • Managing People and Organizations
  • Legal Issues for Engineering Managers
  • System Design Metrics
  • Directed Studies & Thesis

Training Courses

  • Presenting Data and Information, a one day course taught by Edward Tufte (2009)
  • Presenting Data and Information, a one day course taught by Edward Tufte (2000)
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP; Concepts and Practices (1999)

MS Curriculum (1994 – 1996)

Formal education in the sciences provided a stable foundation in developing and proving processes as well as the management of complex projects. Thesis combined COTS analysis techniques to push process detection limits to levels 3 times lower than previously achieved. Techniques were used to analyze lunar samples due to the increased process sensitivity.

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • High Temperature Geochemistry
  • Environmental Isotopic Geochemistry
  • Advanced Groundwater Hydrogeology
  • Surficial Processes
  • Environmental Analytical Chemistry