Gonatodes vittatus


Our tiny male Gonatodes vittatus was a surprise gift from a breeder. We held him in a temporary tank until we had time to build out his permanent enclosure. It was interesting to watch his adult coloration come in over time.

Gotantodes vittatus information

IUCN current lists Gonatodes vittatus as “least concern”.


Gonatodes vittatus is a diurnal species of dwarf gecko endemic to the northern coastal regions of Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago. It has been introduced into French Guiana, Aruba and Curaçao. It is typically found in dry forests, and is often found in human dwellings.

We primarily feed our Gonatodes vittatus dusted fruit flies as he’s still quite small. As he grows out we will consider other food items.


Gonatodes vittatus sub-adult coloration

Gonatodes vittatus adult coloration