Gonatodes ocellatus


I picked up a pair of captive bred Gonatodes ocellatus in the spring of 2022. They are a striking pair of micro-geckos, though they are the largest species I keep. I am currently housing them in a well planted 18″x18″x24″ vivarium.

I’ll continue to update this post with photos and information on the species over time. Check back periodically for more information!

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Gonatodes ocellatus information

IUCN current lists Gonatodes ocellatus as “least concern”.


Gonatodes ocellatus is a dwarf species of gecko that can be found on Tobago and Little Tobago islands, ranging across a variety of habitats from forests to urban areas.

It is a diurnal ambush predator. When provided with sufficient hardscaping, you can observe them hanging upside-down over areas frequented by their prey items where they wait to strike. Our captive bred pair are very bold, and allow you to approach the front of the vivarium to capture close up photos.

They are provided with a varied diet under our care that includes:

  • calcium dusted fruit flies
  • bean beetles
  • dwarf / purple isopods (colony established in-viv)

They tend to frequent the shadows within their vivarium, but they do venture out periodically into the brighter areas. They are offered UVB but rarely bask. Their temperatures range from 76 to 84 within their vivarium, along with a wide choice of humidity conditions.

Gonatodes ocellatus photos