Gonatodes antillensis


This is another pair of micro-geckos we picked up in the spring of 2022. These tiny geckos were selected for our scratch-built vivarium project. We had made a 10″x10″x16″ vivarium out of spare glass and 3D printed parts as a school project with my kids. The resulting vivarium was really cool, so we thought we would add an animal to the project.

Gonatodes antillensis information

IUCN current lists Gonatodes antillensis as “least concern”.


Gonatodes antillensis is a diurnal species of dwarf gecko endemic to the islands of Antilles and the surrounding archipelago, Curacao, and Aurba (likely introduced from Curacao). We primarily feed our Gonatodes antillensis dusted fruit flies as they are quite small.

The terrarium that needed to become a vivarium

This heavily scaped planted terrarium project turned out great, with an extensive foam and cork bark background combined with some really interesting plants:

  • Pyrrosia nummularifolia, epiphytic fern
  • Selaginella kraussiana aurea, a spikemoss
  • and two varieties of dwarf african violets.


I don’t have many photos yet, as they are just settling in and not venturing out much. Check back frequently for updates to this page.

Gonatodes antillensis male

Gonatodes antillensis female