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My project

We got our praying mantises on-line.  They started out as a little egg case it took four weeks for it to hatch, when it hatched there were more than  one hundred little praying mantises walking around in that one container.  Then th next day we took some deli cups outside and let some go and we put a lot in the cups there were about five in each deli cup. Me and my brother  Darrock each took one deli cup to our class i brought mine in because we were studying isopods and red worms so we thought we would bring some in, we also brought some fruit flies for the praying mantises to eat.

We are keeping some so we can observe them.The seconed one has not hatched i wonder why it has not hatched yet? well it could be that that pretikular one needs more time. Another reason is it could have been shaken around to much.

these praying mantises hatched this week March 14 to 19

Now the praying mantises have hatched so i think that they just needed a little more time. It


Week 0

image image



Week 4 – first egg case hatches!

image imageimageimage imageimage

image image image

Eating video!



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