2015 Spring – Kids Creations Made at Home

One of the first creations of the new year! Shannon’s classmate, David (who Darrock persistently called “Drew”) and his parents, Jaro and ? (grrrr, I can’t believe I forgot her name!) came over for dinner. David’s mom got the kids started on this peacock project. David thought it was boring and ran around the house instead, but Shannon and Darrock both actually enjoyed it – and I think David’s mom did as well:



Some other random creations in the early part of January. I think the first picture Shannon made to help Darrock work on his alphabet (even though he knows it!). The Zack’s pics were colored in when it was too cold to go outside and play. Our favorite dinner outing with the Coopers. Last pic is something Shannon copied out of a National Geographic (or some other book we have on animals).

image image image image