2014 Nov. – Shannon Kinder

Kinder creations:

image image  image  image image

Stuff Shannon obviously created on her own during centers or free time, the most impressive being the thermometer (weather and temperature has been studied some at home) and copious writing:

image image image

image  image image  image image  image

Shannon and Mom worked on spelling over the Thanksgiving break. I’m including it here because we turned her work in with her Guided Reading Folder and the incentive came from the prolific writing (with incorrectly spelled words) she was creating during centers at school. She made impressive strides in her spelling in a matter of days – note the dates on the papers:

image  image

image  image

We also worked on an interesting Guided Reading over the Thanksgiving break. The assignment was merely to read the kid’s magazine, along with some reading comprehension exercises, but we took it a bit further and learned some differences between magazines and the typical books sent home:


Other homework or in-class academics:

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