Caring for a dart frog nose rub

I acquired a pair of wild caught (WC) Dendrobates tinctorius “Robertus” that I hope to breed and help establish in the hobby. I originally took what appeared to be the strongest female available knowing she was recovering from a nose rub. She arrived underweight and in some distress. This post will follow her treatment and hopefully her recovery.

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Nose rub treatment log


Here are photos of her nose about 6 days after I received her. She has been treated with silversulfadiazene (SSD) twice, and Dr. Frye has recommended daily treatment until the nose heals.


I have not treated her nose since the initial treatment. This Robertus tinctorius was struggling in QT, so I moved her into her permanent viv to get weight on her. Part of bulking her up involved not capturing her or stressing her. I decided to leave her alone and see how the nose healed on her own. So far she is coming along nicely after about three weeks:

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