Visualizing data: welcome!

Often the most effective way to describe, explore, and summarize a large set of numbers – even a very large set – is to look at pictures of those numbers.  
Edward R. Tufte

I’ve spent most of my career integrating, developing and tuning a variety of software and hardware products that support core infrastructure applications. For the past 5 years I have been able to focus on aggregating data across complex infrastructure stacks and developing techniques for  enhancing our visual representation of these large scale data sets.

My philosophy has focused on viewing the entire data set for rapid assessment of the behavior of a system. This focus has been on the performance of high scale systems, mostly delving into low level profiling of transactional latency patterns for OLTP style applications. Though my ultimate goal is to provide rapid solutions to my customers for their performance issues, I also strive to make the representation of their data sets comprehensive, visual, clear, and interesting to view.

I’ve compiled a sample of some of the data visualization projects I have taken on over the years, applying a variety of techniques championed by Edward Tufte to these data sets. Hopefully you’ll find looking at these data visualizations as much fun as I had building them.

In God we trust, all others must bring data.  W. Edwards Deming