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This page contains useful dart frog resources that I have leveraged over the years. 



This is my favorite forum with a core group of dedicated members, the discussions are informative and the tone to new members is very positive. I was able to mine extensive background research on dart frog care from this forum. There are great care sheets and reference “stickies” that are useful to the new hobbyist.


Perhaps the most frequented board in the dart frog community, DB is a good resource for all facets of dart frog care. I don’t frequent this forum as much as DD.



I’ve purchased Adelphobates galactonotus ‘red’ from Patrick Nabors. He’s a great guy who responds to your many questions. I would do business with him again. His frogs tested clean 🙂


I’ve purchased 12 frogs from Sean Stewart: Adephobates galactonotus ‘red’, Dendrobates tinctorius ‘bakhuis’, and Dendrobates tinctorius ‘lorenzo’. The ordering process was great, Barbara was a pleasure to work with. These frogs tested clean for Chytrid and RV, but they were positive for higher loads of hook worms. This is relatively easily cleared up with Panacur. Overall, great experience.



Todd is an absolute pleasure to work with when figuring out how to light your vivarium (or aquarium). He has extensive knowledge in lighting technology and the hobby in general. From stock screw-in bulbs to LED light bars, Todd’s stock list is comprehensive. Every lighting project I undertake from now on will involve his products.


More recently I have been purchasing supplies from NE Herp. These guys are very fast shippers and responsive to inquiries. I’ve been very pleased with my transactions with them.


I absolutely love the wide variety of plants available from Black Jungle. I have made two plant purchases from them and I am really happy with the quality of the specimens and the packing. I’ve picked up a few other items like mite paper and jungle pods from them. I’m sure my purchases from them will slow now that my vivarium is heavily planted. I did receive two shipments with roaches in them (yuk) so I’ve dialed back my live plant purchases here.


I have made several purchases from Josh, mostly vivarium supplies, plants, moss, supplements and feeders. Shipping is fast and the products they stock are comprehensive. My only complaint is with mites in the hydei cultures I purchased. They were infested with grain mites that took me a while to recover from. I’ll stay away from their cultures in the future, but I’ll keep picking up supplies from them.


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