dart blasters!

Well one of our hobbies is dart frogs, and another is dart blasters! This page provides a series of links to fun modifications and data analysis projects related to Nerf Dart Blasters. We’ve been modding two types of blasters, springers and flywheels. We’re new to the hobby and just dabbling for fun. Most of the mods that we have done are pretty common and documented in a variety of YouTube videos (psyksg, drac, coop, mtb, gavinfuzzy) and forums (nerfhaven and to a lesser extent reddit). Though more recently I’ve been focused on the Caliburn, a really fascinating homemade blaster project from Captain Slug.

The focus of this site is the statistical analysis of some interesting data sets you can collect in the Nerf hobby. This includes things like population statistics, chronograph results of a variety of typical modifications, and chronograph results from a variety of ranges.

I also want to thank Monkee Mods for sending me some freebies for testing. I was going to undertake a build of a SCAR barrel, but after they heard what I was doing they sent me one. Thanks guys!

The data analysis surrounding springers has really been interesting, so the initial posts will focus on the projects involving springers. Here are the links to the posts that cover some interesting stuff! If you see a title without an active link that means I’m planning the work but have not posted any results yet.

NOTE: most of the projects listed here are active “Work In Progress”. I’m slowly chipping away at these projects, so check back often for updates.







  • Stryfe fps profiling
  • Worker Kris Vector kit
  • Worker chronograph progression