If you’re looking for late breaking news on what’s happening with the O’Neills in Austin Texas, you’re in the right place…well…for the most part. Jim is notoriously bad about keeping this site, pictures, and his email current. It may not be late breaking, but you’ll find out what we’ve been up to in the past few months (maybe years is more accurate).

Well, enjoy what’s here! Email Tonja if you actually want to hear back from us 😉

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Kid pictures

If you’re looking for pictures of the kids, use your credentials to login on the right side of this page. Once you do that, you’ll see the rugrats section of the site where you can browse the latest galleries.


Dart Frogs!


We enjoy keeping critters in our house. You’ve seen our mutts, so check out our dart frogs (check out the frog tag for all dart frog related posts):





Though the kids now dominate our photos, we still find time to take pictures of other stuff. Here’s a selection of our favorite photos. Here’s a bit of information on our photography equipment.

our boys, Oscar and Felix

oscar swimming

critters of Austin






One of my early passions was sketching. I dabble here and there, but I have incorporated graphic work and photography into my work more recently.  I always go back to a session in Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art where the instructor for my art class provided a breakthrough moment for me, time boxing my sketches.  This forced me to loosen up my style, yielding 3 of the best sketches I have ever done:

Here’s a fun story about how being color blind can work to you benefit.


Fun with data

I’ve been fascinated with the presentation of data for years now.  I’ve been playing around with different data visualizations of a variety of data some of which are presented here. You can hit the data tag for the latest and greatest posts. Here are a few of my favorites:


Fault injection time series visualization


Lab result trending over time


Performance POC visualization


Camera lens coverage



Weather profiling Sao Lourenco



Performance data microplots